Newly Listed Joomla! Extensions

Find extensions for your Joomla site in the Joomla Extensions Directory, the official directory for Joomla components, modules and plugins.
  1. Simple Upload Files by Solutecia

    This is a very easy to use, yet powerful, upload file(s) module for Joomla. It can be as simple as just adding the directory to upload to, or you can choose to use any of the below-listed functions.

    • Integrated Ajax in Joomla framework
    • Multi-select file browser (Cross-browser: Mozilla, Chrome, Edge, Opera)
    • You can set a file with the uploaded files name for use in galleries.
    • Set any number of Form Fields with additional info from the file/image.
    • Form Fields can be collected into the same file. A few JED Image Galleries are using a parameter file for labels/descriptions of images.
    • The user can control the upload progress all the time.

    ** Thumbnails **

    • Optional creation of thumbnails.
    • Automatic creation of the thumbnail folder.
    • Definition of a prefix for the names of the thumbnails.
    • Definition of the sizes for the miniatures.

    ** Security **

    • Create a file automatically to make the folder invisible in the browser URL.
    • Restrictions in MIME File format to upload.
    • Restriction in File size to upload.
  2. xbFootnoteTag

    xbFootnoteTag is a package, containing an editor button plugin and a content plugin, which insert footnotes into an article. The footnote content can be taken from a Joomla tag, allowing citations and references to easily be used across multiple articles, or simple text can be entered directly for one-off use.

    As well as displaying as a conventional footnote (using a sequence number, or citation title as the link) the content can also be displayed as a Bootstrap popover. This is less convenient if you wish to print the article, but in a hypertext document makes the content immediately available to the reader without having to look to the end of the article (or back of the book).

    The shortcode {xbref...} inserted in the editor can be hidden in the WYSIWYG edit view to reduce clutter, or highlighted to make it easy to pick out when editing without impacting the front-end display.

    Tag descriptions are used for the body of the footnote and can be formatted in whatever way you wish (eg APA style). Organising your references as tags under a parent tag "References" makes it easy to have all predefined references available for selection by the editor button.

    Tags can also be used for definitions, or other content that you might wish to present as either a popover or as a footnote. eg to show a thumbnail picture of an individual when the user hovers the pointer over their name, or the expansion of an acronym used in the article text.

  3. Easy Calendar

    A simple but powerful extension for Joomla to show the availability of anything. Tell your visitors when a date is booked or free. You can use it for your holiday home to show visitors the availability. Or for your bed and breakfast. You can use it also for events of activities. The possibilities are endless! So if you need a booking calendar, reservation scheme or availability calendar.

    Main Features

    • Create unlimited calendars
    • Display multiple months
    • Edit multiple dates with just one click
    • Display a legend near the calendar
    • Create your own calendar legend
    • Create a predefined ‘default’ legend
    • Change the first day of the week
    • Change the start month / year
    • User management: assign users to calendars
    • Show the weeks number
    • Front-end editing
    • Easy to translate into any language
    • Joomla multilingual support
    • And more ...
  4. MyEpClock

    MyEpClock is a module, which can display the time either in analog or digital form.

  5. Auto Load Modal Popup

    Joomla 3x auto load modal poup with many dynamic options to make your work quicker and accurate. you can set custom modal position, color, background image, contents, modal load settings and you can also assign pages to load there only.